now, if you have one of the CD's, plug in your AR wire to your PC and AR and the disc is unreadable, so it'll CRASH!! YOUR!! AR!!! But no worries!! Now, do the A+B+START+SELECT thing before that thing says "this product was not liscenced or endorced by Nintendo" screen (ON YOUR DS!) shows up to be able to write new cheats and stuff. So now what? Here's what. Punch in the Full Name and the Correct Game ID. Then, you'll get sample codes from the original AR. Then, the game should end up being something like 53754876842?58 or something along those lines. Click the * button to see your codes. If your screen has this (for example, I am using Super Mario 64 DS (ASMEN 1J22/ J12):

  • Infinite Lives
  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Coins
  • Press L+R+SELECT for 7 red coins
  • All 120 Course Stars
  • All Castle Doors Unlocked
  • All Mini Games In Rec-Room
  • Mario, Luigi, And Wario Never Lose Cap

[FOLDER] !%($^#$*^^*#%%^@*#$$

Open up the folder.

  • Press X To Walk On Water
  • Press L+Up To Sprint
  • Have Yoshi Privalages With Somebody Else
  • The Princess Is Bowser And Boswer Is The Princess
  • Yoshi Can Punch
  • 150 Course Stars
  • Movement Code XYZ
  • Facing Mode

[FOLDER] Play As Codes

  • etc (not really on this and neither is this message)

The Facing Code is what, 55 lines long! How about 7 lines long, with 6 characters in each line!

Every Code Is entered like this--







This is an EXAMPLE!!!!

Note: MAKE SURE WHEN YOU WANNA SEE THE C4L CODE (462746), DO IT ON THE PC!!!! You CANNOT use Action Replay v1.05. v1.54, v1.27, and v1.60 are the only good ones. If you do NOT proceed to check the code on the computer, then you won't have an Action Replay or a DS. This C4L disc has to look like this-

And NOT like this-