Walk on sand

81255490 1000 8125572C 1000 8125572E 0031

999 coins

8133B218 0FFF

clumsy Mario (this makes mario fall down when you press A)

8133B218 0FFF

NES sounds (this makes your sound and themes in digital version)

8032C96B DDD4

Doctor Mario

8107EC20 3476 8107EC22 5B00 8107EC28 3476 8107EC2A 5B00 8107EC40 3476 8107EC42 5B00 8107EC38 3476

Ride a Goomba (Let's you ride a Goomba in Star 1 of Whomp's Fortress)

8134067C 8019 8134067E 237C 813406A4 8018 813406A6 6074 8134083E D0BC

Play as a Bullet Bill

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