1208b350 00000002 (Lets you run through enemies w/out harm, but it still lets you kill them)

Freeze time

120ca898 00000040

Start Each Level as Big Mario (not giant just normal mushroom mario) 2208b324 00000001

Start Each Level as Flower Mario 2208b324 00000002

Start Each Level as Mini Mario 2208b324 00000004

Start each Level As Blue Shell Mario 2208b324 00000005

Always Have Fire Flower Power Up 2208b32c 00000002

Always Have Mushroom Power Up 2208b32c 00000001

Always Have Blue Shell 2208b32c 00000003

Always Have Mini Mushroom 2208b32c 00000004

Always Have Giant Mushroom 2208b32c 00000005